X marks The .. Run ! 

Lord almighty, what a run, what a day, what an experience! Just a short week after doing the worlds most beautiful challenge, Pop Up DJ was ready for a new challenge! This time, in the norwegian forrest! Yes, peeps.  I was doing the X-Run! After a night cap consisting of 1,5 bottles of wine, it was of course no stress to get up early and run in the mud with different obstacles;)  And good thing I didnt wear my new white Adidas shoes… It was quite muddy I tell ya! Since Im not gonna do the inline skating marathon this years, I needed something to remind me of last years big event. Pink hair! IMG_7585

DJ Pop Up at your service!


IMG_7652We were racing in a team of three. Hayden, me and Tron!IMG_7636

None of us had done it before, so we had to test some of the obstacles before the run! Get up there, Mega-Tron!!



The race was just a melting pot of fun! Running with heavy kettle bells, climbing over poles, uphill mud running, swimming in the pretty cold water, balancing on slippery poles, rope climbing etc. It was seriously like being a kid again! (Or kind of like the norwegian show Fangene på Fortet, or Fort Boyard for you french toast people)  And the best thing? Doing the whole thing  together as a team. Omg. MY NEW HOBBY. Such a great way to spend a Saturday (or any other day!) Just got The results as well, and we made it to 24th Of 40 teams in the category mixed teams! Pretty happy about that!  

But the next time, I will defintely bring my waterproof music box and my phone! So excited about that! Oh well, it`s just a years time until the next one!

IMG_7657  IMG_7659(1)

Ooooor, I could just sign up for a race in another country…Time will show! Please let me know if you know of some crazy runs I should check out in the nearest future!!

I hope you follow me on Snapchat? If not: stinita. Add me! For crazy fun snaps from 5.30 AM-5.30 PM. And after that? Wine and chocolate-snaps! Balance is important you know😛

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